Studio Signature Skin Therapy

Our facials are truly revolutionary because they are customized every step of the way by our skin care therapists, based on your Face Mapping analysis. Once the most suitable treatment has been established for you, it will be designed to target your specific concerns from acne, dehydration, environmentally sensitized to sun damaged and prematurely aged skin. Each HS Studio customized treatment will help to rejuvenate and restore optimum skin health.” Included in your treatment is a relaxing steamed towel foot treatment and hand massage therapy!

60 Min | $68- 89

Studio Express Skin Therapy

30 Min | $45- 59


A skin care exfoliation treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair
30 Min | $58-64

Dermaplaning Add-on to any skin service

30 Min | $30-35

Dermalogica Pro Peel

30 Min | $66-73

Dermalogica Pro Peel

60 Min | $107-114

Microdermabrasion Treatment

Deep exfoliation, excellent for pigmentation, acne scars and hyperkeritinized skin.
30 Min | $69

Back Treatment

Includes cleanse, scrub, masque & moisturizer
30 Min | $48– 55